If you like predictable and formula based stories, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Sorry, we’d like to help but it’s not what we do. We’re better at distinct, amusing, and thought-provoking content.

Our intent is telling stories, deeply human stories with a profound heart.

SJ Productions & Ent. is an independent film production company with a mission to produce engaging cinema, filled with urgency and purpose, for Indian and International audiences.

Creative content to connect, move and inspire.

Who We Are

SJ Productions & Ent is a next generation production house, focused on producing original content for film, TV and emerging platforms.

We are dedicated to telling a wide range of stories, across a wide range of formats. Simply, we believe in value of content, and the power of story to connect with the viewers on any platform.

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An inspiring story of hope, optimism, perseverance and survival

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This is not the story of a born achiever. It is the story of an average child, a slow learner, who through repeated trials and tribulations converts his weaknesses into his strengths.

He converts his repeated failures into enthusiasm to succeed in life. It brings him to the most important lesson of his life, which he would need to discover and rediscover, time and again.

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The movie is based on a true story. It’s about a young GC (Gentleman Cadet) SAMAR, 22 yrs old in IMA, Dehradun. One month to POP ( passing out parade). The young SAMAR (the hero), who has absolutely everything to be truly happy; an impressive career ahead, a loving girl friend who is anxiously waiting for him to propose for marriage. But, one terrible day, tragedy strikes SAMAR, GC and his family. He loses practically everything.

Two years after the tragedy, SAMAR realizes that his life perhaps hasn’t turned out the way it should have, so he decides to reconsider his options, his attitude towards life, career and love. He has to start from scratch and fight hard to get his life back on track.

What makes this movie unique is its truthful and emotionally gripping nature; it will thoroughly stir your inner world, put you In the shoes of the hero, and make you overcome all the obstacles with him.

An inspiring story of a champion, true –life drama / adventure.


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